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Persephone's Slash and Fanfiction Suite

A Suite in Hades

This Journal is No Longer Updated.

I'm 37, single, primarily a slash writer (i.e. homoerotic original fiction and fanfiction). So far, I write fiction set in the worlds of the military/Special Forces, the U.S. Secret Service, as well as fanficiton derived from movies and books.

My older fanfictions are in this journal, but everything, including new fics, are at re_perseph (which is a locked community due to original fiction). You can join here--and leave any time--and you can also friend/unfriend this journal any time for access.

My journal can get pretty raunchy, as in addition to writing I also post about all kinds of hot stuff. Please consider that fair warning and git out of Dodge while ya still can, and if you're so inclined.

But if you're staying, I've been told to tell you, this journal does not know TMI.


Have fun.

Please feel free to friend/unfriend this journal at any time.

Communities I maintain:
Black Hawk Down blackhawk_slash
Men of Myth men_of_myth
RocknRolla rockn_rollas
Valentine's Day sean_holden
300, 300 the movie, allen hughes, andy/hoot, angsty abandoned-wip readers, archy, archy/johnny quid, baby ranger, balian, bana/bean, bana/bloom, banalove, band of brothers, battle of thermopylae, battlestar galactica, bean/bana/bloom, benicio del toro, black hawk down, bodie, boondock saints, boromir/faramir, bromance, brotherslash, buffy, carl segan, children of men, chopper, ci5, comic books, comic con international, connor/murphy, deadwood, dominic west, doyle, eddie cibrian, equilibrium, eric bana, eric's xl sock, fanfiction, faramir/boromir, field-fuck, film production, gary's smirk, gary/randy, gerard butler, godfrey, handsome bob, handsome bob/one two, hector, hector/paris, historical biographies, holden/sean, homeric slash, hoot, hoot/todd, hootgasm, hootsexual, hootsquee, idris elba, jason isaacs, jdm, jeffery dean morgan, jeffrey dean morgan, jesus christ superstar, john van fleet, johnny quid, joss whedon, kingdom of heaven, liam neeson, liam/orlando, lone wolf and cub, lotr, louis macneice, love actually, lucius vorenus, mark strong, martinis, men of myth, mike carey's lucifer, mumbles, mycroft holmes, neil gaiman, night stalkers, nikolaj coster-waldau, niobe, nonfiction history, norman reedus, one two, oz, paris, photography, randy's toothpick, randy/gary, ray bradbury, rocknrolla, rodrigo santoro, rome slash, sanderson/steele, sandman, science fiction, sean bean, sean patrick flanery, sean/eric, sean/holden, sean/viggo, secret service, secret service appeal, secret service slash, silmarillion, slash, smut, spartans, star trek, star trek ds9, star trek tng, steve/casey, sweaty soldier romance, the crusades, the iliad, the professionals, the prophecy, the wild bunch, the wire, titus pullo, toby kebbel, toddlust, toddsquee, tolkien, tom hardy, valentine's day fanfiction, vertigo comics, viggo mortensen, william fichtner, winters/roe, y the last man