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Young Indy
Does anybody remember Young Indy from The Young Indiana Jones Chroincles?

Is this how you remember him?

Because, gaddDAMN. That is not how I remember him!

elaur and I have discovered a fresh hot world of Indy porn-pain watching the entire series on tape, and I was able to get a wonderful friend of mine to burn an episode on DVD.

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Oh holy FUCK!
My Dear Fellow Slashers, and especially cerulean_eyes:

I have found a new fandom.

Boondock Saints. With screencaps.Collapse )

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Comic-Con International 2004 Report!
I said I would post on Monday, but I lost my internet connection for the day. Frustration? I nearly gouged my eyes out.

When you hear the Voter Registration people on the sidewalks yelling out, "Please register to vote! You have to register even if you're not from this planet, you're a superhero, or you're the Captain of a starship!", you know you've arrived at Comic-Con.

Four days, 250,000 people, a million memories. Even without being a superhero, I too performed feats of wonder such as being at three different panels at the same time. I'm not joking. For instance, at 3pm on Saturday I was at the DC Comics, Ray Bradbury, and Sky Captain panels at the same time. o_O

We begin with the ROTK Extended Edition panel. Then we move on to David Wenham and Billy Boyd's autograph session. After which I bring you Dominic Monaghan, Cillian Murphy, Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, Keanu Reeves, and Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. Then, of course, fans in costumes.

So without further ado...

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This is probably the most random post I've ever made

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