Comic-Con International 2007 Report!!

Comic-Con 2007

Heroes was for the win.

Perhaps it was Parker cooing over how handsome he finds Mohinder. Or maybe Peter Petrelli’s new haircut.

It could have been Mr. Bennet’s sexy T-shirt—an impromptu
Tim Sale-original
. I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know.

All I know is, between Clive Owen experiencing fanboy love, and Warner Bros hiring male strippers to dress as Spartans soldiers at their 300 DVD release party (they were strippers I tells youse!), this year’s Con was the best I’ve had since 2002. And I think I have the [boatload of] pictures to prove it.

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Comic-Con International 2006 Report!

Every year I promise myself I'll attend all the panels on my list! Every year I fail!

Right. So this year at the Con, there weren't many big name celebrities or big studio movies (a direct reflection of the box office these days. It was very telling that the crush was mostly at TV shows panels).

Having said that, however, I still lost at least three pounds over those four days. And all because of the 300 panel.

The mushroom cloud of explosive perving that that movie's aptly named teaser released in that 6,500 seater auditorium was unlike anything I've ever witnessed at Comic Con. My inclination, even two weeks later, is still to lie down and howl every time I think about it.

However, there are pictures I'd like to show you, so I'm upright for the time being.

Sam Jackson was there, David Wenham was there, and Harper Gerard Butler was there. And in the latter case, I was within pawing distance. I didn't paw, but I howled. Oh yes I did.

And of course, never to be underestimated but always to be loved, were the fans. Who are Comic-Con.

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Comic-Con International 2005 Report!

This year at the Con, I learned a very important lesson: A camera in hand is a very powerful tool of flirtation. It works on men, women, children, Jedi Masters, cult movie directors, celebrities, parents, and robot cavemen.

Burning questions answered at this year's Con: Is Josh Holloway as cute in real life? What does Jamie Bamber's skin feel like? Which ship is still the baddest in the galaxy? Is Marton Csokas really unattainable? Do Karl Urban's lips look as kissable in real life? Are fans crazy? Does Serenity rule, or what?

Tune in. Find out.

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Comic-Con International 2004 Report!

I said I would post on Monday, but I lost my internet connection for the day. Frustration? I nearly gouged my eyes out.

When you hear the Voter Registration people on the sidewalks yelling out, "Please register to vote! You have to register even if you're not from this planet, you're a superhero, or you're the Captain of a starship!", you know you've arrived at Comic-Con.

Four days, 250,000 people, a million memories. Even without being a superhero, I too performed feats of wonder such as being at three different panels at the same time. I'm not joking. For instance, at 3pm on Saturday I was at the DC Comics, Ray Bradbury, and Sky Captain panels at the same time. o_O

We begin with the ROTK Extended Edition panel. Then we move on to David Wenham and Billy Boyd's autograph session. After which I bring you Dominic Monaghan, Cillian Murphy, Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, Keanu Reeves, and Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. Then, of course, fans in costumes.

So without further ado...

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